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Volaro Series 5 Full Body Patient Lift - (Floor Lifter)


Battery-powered Volaro full-body patient lifts allow safe, smooth transfer from bed to wheelchair, or wheelchair to commode or even from the floor.

5 Year Warranty - Durable Construction

 Features:  Volaro Series 5 Patient Lift                                                                                                
  • Removable Battery Pack
assures that lift is always charged.  long life battery
  • Battery Indicator
signals when battery is low
  • Safety Retention Clips
provides exta safety even if slack occurs
  • Digital Scale Option
saves time; adds convenience
  • Safety Padding
protects the resident, prevents skin tears. Easy-clean vinyl
  • Electric Ball Screw Actuator
is smooth and quiet; provides emergency “down” capability
  • Emergency Stop
safety feature instantly halts up or down motion
  • Remote Control
Provides ease of operation
  • Adjustable Compact Base
allows easy mobility even in small bathrooms
 Specifications:    Series 5 Patient Lift                                                                                              
 Weight Capacity: 400Lbs
 Width (Base Closed/Open): 24 / 49 in.
 Overall Length: 43.75 in.
 Wheel Base Height w/3-in. Casters: 4.5 in.
 Wheel Base Height w/4-in. Caster 5.6 in.
 Electrical: 12 VDC

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